Why You Should Try a NUCCA Neck Pain Treatment in Sacramento

Written By Total Health Center on April 24, 2019

Man seeking neck pain treatment in SacramentoDo you experience chronic neck pain or tension?

If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people experience these symptoms – sometimes daily. Thankfully, there’s an effective neck pain treatment called NUCCA chiropractic.

How does this form of chiropractic work?

Why Neck Pain Is so Common and Why It Needs to Be Treated Right Away

Neck pain is all-too-common. The reason for this is due to misalignment caused by poor posture, trauma, obesity, and the over-use of electronic devices.

When the neck is out of alignment, it can lead to misalignment throughout the spine. In turn, not only will you experience neck soreness, but you’ll also experience headaches and back pain.

Misalignment can also reduce healing time and lead to poor circulation, which is why it’s imperative that neck pain is treated as quickly as possible by a NUCCA chiropractor in Sacramento.

NUCCA Chiropractic: What Is This Type of Neck Pain Treatment in Sacramento?

A NUCCA neck pain treatment is a bit different from your run-of-the-mill chiropractic adjustment. The main focus in this situation is on the first and second vertebrae of the spine, also known as the Atlas and Axis respectively. If these bones are out of alignment, it creates a ripple effect, leading to misalignment throughout the spine.

Your chiropractor will take x-rays to determine whether these bones are out of place and, if they are, they’ll make gentle, calculated adjustments.

People who have had this treatment tend to notice a significant difference – even after the first visit. Over time, they’ve seen an improvement in pain throughout their body.

The Solution to Your Back Pain and Headaches Could Be in Your Neck

Even if you don’t experience neck pain, you might have other symptoms of Atlas misalignment, including back pain or headaches.

The best solution is to seek care from a NUCCA chiropractor in Sacramento who can thoroughly evaluate your symptoms and create a comprehensive NUCCA chiropractic treatment plan.

Are you tired of dealing with tight, sore neck muscles? Contact us today at (916) 484-6882 to schedule an evaluation for a NUCCA treatment plan.

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